Backend Developer

Employment type: Fulltime/permanent

Location: San Fransisco

Job ID: 514

Referral: $1000.00

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The Role:

Motivated: More interested in creating lasting value for customers than just creating hype.

Scientific: Wrangle vast amounts of data to make well informed decisions.

Pragmatic: Pick the right tools for the job.

Learners: Interested in everyone becoming better engineers than they were before they joined. Learning from experiences and from other employees is always a priority.



Driven: You are motivated by opportunities to make a huge impact not he company's growth.

Proficient: Your experience with books we use is important. 

Adaptable: You are not afraid to switch between fronted and backend when needed.

Independent: You do not need much direction, you tend to direct yourself. 


We use

Languages: Primarily Python and Clojure

Data: PostgreSQL, S3, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch

Operations: AWS, SoftLayer, Heroku, Docker, Ansible

Also: Linux, Git, and lots of VOIP


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