Employment type: Fulltime/permanent

Location: Montreal

Job ID: 518

Referral: $1000.00

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About the Role:

 Our mission is to make a marketplace platform accessible to anyone - product developers, branded partners, or end-users.  We're powering nearly a dozen marketplaces, and with many more ready to launch, our numbers are growing at a staggering rate.  Our front-end has the responsibility of delivering a generative experience for all, and with that comes some interesting problems to solve: api availability, scalability, optimization, and modularizing a data-driven ui.



We have a small, tight knit team of kick-ass developers and designers with many shared responsibilities. JavaScript engineers from an entry-level to the most senior-expertise are an integral part of our UI Engineering team, responsible for generating a flexible and robust user interface from APIs that can stand up to a variety of customer requirements. Projects include building templates and live template editors with Backbone.js, releasing open-source javascript libraries for our billing engine, designing and building interactions on marketplaces, and applying high standards for accessibility, performance and browser compatibility.



   You have at least 3 years working experience with JavaScript and demonstrate strong knowledge of the ‘good parts’ of the language

   You know how to take on the challenges of building project with JavaScript from the ground up

   You have experience with Backbone.js or similar frameworks and are comfortable with jQuery

   You love to build high quality code with efficiency and maintainability in mind

   You have a critical, detail-oriented eye for design and interaction, and aren't afraid to make design decisions

   You love writing efficient, semantic HTML / CSS built with great tools like Sass and the best of HTML5 and CSS3

   You can identify and address performance bottlenecks in a production environment


Bonus Qualifications

   Knowledge and experience with Java or related frameworks

   A GitHub, Quora or StackOverflow account that demonstrates what you love to do

   Interest or experience in data collection and visualization

   Interest and experience using Backbone.js


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