BACKEND Engineer

Employment type: Fulltime/permanent

Location: San Fransisco

Job ID: 516

Referral: $1000.00

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We are looking for a generalist engineer to join our product team.


We believe in small, talented teams: We have more components than engineers and we’re keeping it that way.

We are pragmatic: Even though we work with some of the latest technologies like Docker, CoreOS and Go, we always pick the right tool for the job.

We are tightly knit: We love grabbing beers together on the weekends just as much as we love cracking problems during the week.

We are a mixed bag: We have a passionate public market investor who sold a anime fan site at 17, some sort of white samurai from Texas, a moustache enthusiast pirate captain, an obligatory Canadian, and a daredevil Ducati pilot.

We are driven: We are more interested in creating lasting value for our merchants than we are in hype.



Proficient: experience in Python or Ruby is beneficial. Interest or experience in Go is a huge plus.

Adaptable: Even if backend is your strong suit, you aren’t afraid to occasionally write some Javascript and vice versa.

Rounded: Do you have some interesting hobby and passions? How do you feel about goats? We have a lively Slack channel – be prepared for gifs.

 Independent: Generally speaking, you don’t need much direction because you tend to direct yourself.

Driven: You will have many opportunities to make a huge impact on our company’s growth. This motivates you.



Languages: Python (Flask), Go, JavaScript (Backbone, React, Node)

Data stores: Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, S3, Redis

Data Processing: Kinesis, Luigi, Celery, Hadoop, Spark

Ops: AWS, CoreOS, Docker, etcd, fleet, (soon: Rocket)



Learnings from the creation of several early-stage companies, part of the Atomic


An open, collaborative, and fun environment

A beautiful workspace in the Presidio of San Francisco.

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