Full Stack IOS Developer

Employment type: Fulltime/permanent

Job ID: 523

Referral: $1000.00 

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We are looking for a passionate and accomplished full stack iOS software developer to contribute to the development of our platform. You will work with a great team of developers in a complex and state of the art technical environment. You will develop high-quality software using the latest development best practices such as:

  • Domain Driven Design
  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • Event Sourcing
  • Reactive, Asynchronous Programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous integration
  • Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming.


We Use:

  • Backend: Scala, Akka, Akka Persistence, Spray, ReactiveMongo, SBT, Kafka, ZooKeeper, InfluxDB (for time series and metrics), and Elastic Search (for monitoring)
  • iOS: Swift, Objective C, ReactiveCocoa, Core Bluetooth, CocoaPods
  • DevOps: Ubuntu, Docker, Ruby, Amazon AWS/EC2
  • Source code management: git/github



  • A university degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • A solid background in software engineering (object-oriented methodologies, design patterns, test driven development)
  • 2 or more years experience developing iOS applications in Objective-C
  • Experience using RESTful APIs to integrate mobile applications to server side systems
  • Experience with Agile methodologies in a fast paced, results-oriented organization
  • Experience with reactive, asynchronous programming (e.g., ReactiveCocoa)
  • Knowledge of Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE a plus
  • Knowledge and interest in Swift a plus
  • Interest and experience in data analysis or algorithm development a plus



  • Passionate and energetic about what you do
  • Self-motivated and resourceful
  • Approach technical challenges with an open mind and desire to innovate
  • Appreciate great design and thrive in a creative environment
  • Have strong communicative skills
  • Are flexible and adaptable to both organizational and project-level changes
  • Can operate under tight deadlines
  • Like to build software as part of a team
  • A plus if you use applications to track yourself and life
  • A plus if you practice yoga or other well-being practices


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