Meet Ilan: Our Founder and CEO

Ilan started off his career working in venture capital. While investing in tech startups he was creating strong relationships while advising and helping founding teams scale. It became clear their biggest challenge was hiring top talent. As a result, StackedHR was built to help daring tech founders hire elite startup talent in order to become industry game-changers. Since inception, Ilan and his team at StackedHR have built the founding engineering and leadership teams for numerous partners that have become unicorn valued ($1B+) tech companies and global players in the technology space.

What advice would you have for yourself if you could go back 10 years in your career?

I would want to seek out five individuals who are more experienced than me, people who have seen it all and know what it takes to get things done. I would want to create a network of mentors in these people, almost a round table of advisors who I can ask questions to and push me to achieve more. Obviously you can learn by getting your MBA, starting a business, reading books, etc, and all of these things are great. But, the value of building genuine relationships and learning from people who have been in the trenches is invaluable.

Who in the industry inspires you?

Bill Gates. More because of what he does today then what he built at Microsoft. What he built at Microsoft is legendary and obviously inspiring, but the GatesFoundation is solving some of the worlds biggest problems that have life or death consequences for millions of people. The Giving Pledge, a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back, was also founded through his leadership.

What energizes you most about our company?

I get energized from the partner’s we work with. We are truly fortunate to work with companies and founders who are completely changing the game in their respective industries. They are daring, and willing to take risks, and that’s energizing.

What do you find most challenging about your role?

At StackedHR we strive to build great relationships with our partners that last many years. But, there’s a lot of sweat and hard-work that goes into ensuring that reality. Maintaining and building great partnerships is challenging, but also rewarding.

What keeps you up at night?

Staying ahead of the curve keeps me up at night. We are always striving to be the best - how are we going to better our product, our service, our customers, and my team.

How do you define leadership?

In my view leadership is about taking ownership and responsibility for your actions and having compassion for others. For me it is about understanding my own strengths but also recognizing that I have weaknesses. Seeing that in others and building a team that is balanced, so one person’s weakness is another team member’s strength. Surrounding yourself with a team that can then help everyone reach their potential.